sensing scents

These days, I have been looking just about everywhere for inspiration : scrolling through my old photos on Flickr, listening in on conversations in the hallways, eating dinner, reflecting on my habits or daily experiences. Today I found it in an old crumpled up bottle of lotion on my dresser. I don’t use it that … More sensing scents


Currently: Perusing photographs from the past 5 years to relive and remember (and seek possible inspiration!) Responding to Laura’s texts about nothing in particular Searching for tomorrow’s Metro schedule, even though I’d hardly consider it reliable Listening to Dad’s shouts of frustration at the March Madness game on TV Checking Twitter for any possible distraction from finishing this post Jotting quick responses to … More currently

the piñata diaries

I woke up early to school today, even though I don’t normally work on Wednesdays. I did not want to miss the visit of author Jarrett Krosockza, who writes and illustrates the popular Lunch Lady graphic novels and my favorite Playtupus Police Squad along with an impressive range of other picture books and graphic novels!! … More the piñata diaries

know it all

I have been working as a school-based substitute teacher at Discovery Elementary since October. My position is slightly unique, because while I am a substitute teacher, instead of getting a 6:00AM wake-up call, my assignment every day is to arrive at the same school and fill in the gaps. Sometimes subs don’t show up, teachers … More know it all