by the numbers

It’s March 31, the last day of the Slice of Life Challenge. WE DID IT!!! In March, I wrote: 4 poems 11 small moment stories 3 idea essays 10 posts based on memories from my jar 2 overheard moments 1 post entirely in emojis 1 post about writing entirely in emojis 1 photo essay 1 silent … More by the numbers


I couldn’t settle on a topic for today’s post, so I went back to my jar of memories for some inspiration… Found it! If you’ve ever lived in France, then you know this situation, and also how much of a joke the above park sign is. People have these grand illusions of France as a sparkling, wonderful nation of … More poo-ku

overheard at school

The architects of our brand new school building are documenting their works with photos and videos during the school day. Two girls are watching a camera crew get video footage of another grade at recess through the window of their classroom.  Girl 1: I think they are filming a movie on the playground. Girl 2: Those … More overheard at school

creating with emoji

Yesterday, I wrote about my day using only 57 different emoji. I loved reading all the comments of people who said they still totally “got” it, or followed most of it despite the lack of words. Prompted by mom, and her awesome post about why literacy includes both words AND pictures (and, yes, emoji!) I … More creating with emoji